Work With Expert Women's Coach Amber Tichenor of To Be, Coaching + Consulting™

Work with Womens Coach Amber Tichenor of TO BE, Coaching + Consulting

My Client's Experience…

Better results balancing work, life and embracing boundaries to live in an authentic way
Mindful presence in their day-to-day lives
Living with purpose – and a plan
Leaving the rivalry behind to join the community of women working together
Giving into a greater sense of trust within themselves, and the external world, to be more happy and grounded

Client Testimonials

Sara says…

Amber taught me so much. I learned so much from her expertise and guidance. I was thrown into an area where I knew nothing and she was able to teach me patiently while identifying the areas where I could leverage my strengths most. I truly appreciated the collaboration spirit of our working relationship. The ability to brainstorm together, challenge each other constructively, then divide and conquer efficiently was incredibly refreshing.

She is hard working and results oriented with a layer of humor. It’s just the right balance -- having a sense of reality about what really matters, but also ok to laugh and have fun while you’re getting the job done exceptionally. I would absolutely recommend Amber. If you want to work with someone brilliant and inspiring, someone hard working yet fun, then Amber is the person.

-Financial Industry, SVP 

Kate says…

It was a true partnership to work with Amber. A literally tossing of the ball to each other with lobbing of ideas, easy collaboration and complete lack of competition. I appreciate Amber’s honesty, support and her genuine interest in my passions, concerns and strengths. She is a true entrepreneur.  

She was a consultant on one of our teams and had strong convictions about all levels of associates needing to weight in on changes that were impacting them -- to feel they were part of the change. It was a great decision that wasn’t always supported by leadership. I would recommend Amber as a very thoughtful, intelligent and proactive partner. 

-Financial Services, Senior Consultant & Change Management SME

Colvin says…

Amber created a welcoming and safe space for me to share my deepest personal and professional visions. In just an hour, we covered where I’ve been, where I’m at now, and where I hope to be in the future – I walked away with perspective on small steps to set myself on a promising path for the future.

In working with Amber, I’m inspired to work toward small achievable goals to build my personal project into a legitimate and profitable business. My first steps are to build an online community, pilot a retreat experience and write a monthly blog feature on the importance of disconnecting from devices and getting outside.

- Non-Profit, Fundraising Executive

Megan says…

Amber took the time to understand my challenges from my point of view, she didn’t give me answers to the problems I am faced with when it comes to reaching my goal, instead she guided me with actionable steps that were tailored where I was starting and where I want to end up.

I would recommend Amber to anyone who could use an outside perspective. Amber is insightful and broad minded, she can shed light on whatever path you need to achieve your goals.

- Banking Executive