Women's Rivalry Coaching


It’s more than competition.

The backhanded compliment. The fake smile. The passive aggressive comment. The takedown that occurs behind closed doors.

And, it’s happening everywhere. In your work space, your community groups... even on the soccer field with another mom.

Most of the time, it’s the elephant in the room. The one we’re afraid to address because we’ll be called ‘over-sensitive’... we’ll be the bitch. They’ll say we’re ‘not tough enough’ to ‘play the game’, we don’t have what it takes to be in power.

I say that it’s time to be different.

It’s time to talk about rivalry, to know how to dismantle it, one action at a time. It’s time to be more intentional with our words and our leadership. It’s time to build up our self images, to love ourselves more.

Because true power doesn’t come from rivalry. It comes from uplifting, empowering and supporting our sisters, our friends, our daughters and womankind.

The cards are already stacked against us. Why would we be the ones to stack them against ourselves?

Let’s be the ones who change the game and the world.

It’s time.

Dr. Amber Tichenor, PhD — Women's Rivalry Coach
Rivalry Speaker Amber Tichenor of To Be Coaching + Consulting

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Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be.