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Are You Being True To You? It's Not Too Late To Be Who You Wanted To Be.

The blog, “Are You Being True To You? It’s Not Too Late TO Be Who You Wanted TO Be,” talks about your authentic self, that little girl inside of you – the one who is a constant and who has always been with you. Along the way on this path of life, it can be easy to alter off course, misplace your voice, lose your passion…. Are you being true to her? Are you on the path you thought you’d be on?  

Even if you did take a detour, or lose your way…, the trials, tribulations, and hard lessons learned, can make you stronger.  It’s never too late to be who you might have been, because you are the writer of your own story. 

Do You Have a Bolshie Bully in Your Life? How You Respond to Her Negative Behavior May Be Out of Your Control.

The blog “Do You Have a Bolshie Bully in Your Life? How You Respond to Her Negative Behavior May Be Out of Your Control” addresses female-to-female rivalry and bullying behaviors and why you may respond the way you do.

Rivalry and bullying types of behavior have the same effect on the victim and perpetrator. In both types of behavior, the victim feels powerless, intimidated and out of control. Additionally, it is not uncommon if you are bodily attacked, or feel verbally attacked or bullied, that your brain will take over and you physically freeze; and cannot respond as you normally would. Victim blaming, in which you believe you are partially to blame for the negative behavior, may also occur. 

Having an understanding and awareness about the long-term ramifications and impacts of the negative behavior, and how to move on is key to finding your passion, your to be. And ultimately know, while experiences may shape who you are, they do not own you.

You already are, it’s time to be.

Strong Women Raise Strong Girls. Does Your Message Mirror You?

The blog, “Strong Women Raise Strong Girls. Does Your Message Mirror You?”  dives into the topic of strong women raising strong girls. At times it can feel like a weight of responsibility… raising a young daughter to become a confident, courageous, strong, kind, independent, fierce, brave, adult female. And while there will always be unexpected hurdles to cross, so much of the foundation comes from what is modeled at home. As a strong woman, a mother or someone who is a role-model to a little girl, what does your behavior say about you? What example are you setting for your daughter to empower her to grow into a strong woman?