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Are You Passionate About What You Do, or Are You A Quitter?

The blog, “Are You Passionate About What You Do, or Are You A Quitter?” talks about the ability to define a plan, and stick to it. Many times people quit because they are bored, or do not see immediate results. Purposeful change is hard, results are often slow, but quitting is not an option. If you want to be happy, to find your passion, path, purpose and your true to be, you must stick to your plan.

It Takes Courage To Be Who You Really Are: Are You Being True, To You?

The blog, “It Takes Courage To Be Who You Really Are: Are You Being True To You?” talks about the ability to stay true to your inner self.  Who you truly are as a person exists in your core, and staying true to who you are is a long-term-life exercise. You have to listen to your inner voice to stay on your true path as outside noise can cause you to take a detour. 

Do You Compete Or Empower?

The blog, “Do You Compete Or Empower?” references rivalry between women in a working environment. Female rivalry in a working environment deprives women of female colleagues and companionship. It also keeps women from relying on their natural allies, females. To empower is to make stronger and more confident. When women lift each other up, instead of tear down, the possibilities are limitless.

When That Whisper Speaks, Do You Listen?

The blog, “When That Whisper Speaks, Do You Listen?” talks about intuition and how it guides you. Intuition is hard-wired in all of us, encoded in our brains. The butterfly feeling in our stomachs is our nerve cells talking to us. This gut feeling is our ability to feel, know, and understand things without deliberately thinking about them. Our past experiences, the understanding we obtained from them and our existing awareness guides our intuition, and is something we use everyday.