Rivalry Coach for Women Embracing Change & Competition

Female Rivalry Coach For High-Performing Business Women

Amber Tichenor, corporate change management coaching & consulting


It was just me battling corporate politics and fighting rivalry in the workplace. It was just me doing what was “expected.” It was just me feeling that I could do more with my life. It was just me feeling trapped.

But it wasn’t just me.

And it isn’t just you.

What if you moved the obstacle? What if you were empowered and inspired to be everything you want?

You can have it all.

It’s time to abandon your box.

Empowering women both personally & professionally

To Be Coaching + Consulting™ offers services for women who are ready for transformative change. Through guided reflection and well-respected industry tools and exercises, Amber helps clients move through their obstacles to discover their true path, passion and purpose. Offering women's rival coaching, speaking engagements and workshops addressing important topics like rivalry between women in a working environment, finding your voice & being empowered, and corporate culture challenges.

Amber Tichenor has a PhD in I/O Psychology and is an expert in Women’s rivalry. She utilizes 20+ years experience as an Organizational Change Management consultant to empower high-performing business women to abandon their box, move the obstacle, and effectively embrace change. Amber’s coaching model help’s you understand your current & future path, explore your passion, set up a framework for your purpose, and create & execute the right plan to help you be happy, grounded and ready for what’s next.

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